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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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this is wesh 2 news at 11:00. adrian: friends and neighbors are member a young man shot and lled out died of a local publix. tonight, the murder of the 21-year-old is still unsolved. good evening, i' m adrian whitsett. new tonight, matt grant talked with a friend of the victim in clermont. matt: right now, the victim' s friend is wondering the same thing that police are, who would do such a thing and why? police aren' t sure why 21-year-old andrew da' von jones was shot and killed friday night. at his clermont home, family gathered, but did not want to comment. across the street, his friend and neighbor kenny kyle, says he' s sill in shock. >> he was a great kid. he really was. it was a shock when i heard that he was shot last night. matt a backpack was found at the : crime scene. along with at least five shell casings as horrified customers looked on. it happened around 8:30 friday
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plaza on state road 50 and county road police still don' t 455. have a motive or suspect description and it' s unclear if anything was captured on surveillance. witnesses tell investigators they saw a white car fleeing the scene. police say they' re now searching for the car jones was last seen driving a white 4-door 2012 , volkswagon cc, license plate, n93qi. >> we had barbecues, cookouts, he was just a typical kid. matt: his neighbor tells me he doesn' t know who would want to hurt him. he says he played high school football, a quarterback, got a college scholarship, liked the philadelphia eagles, and was interested in a career in music. a life, now, tragically cut short. >> i was shocked. i really was. i do not expect that. matt a manager here at publix : had no comment. police say if you see that vehicle to call them immediately. do not approach the vehicle. anyone with information is urged to call crime line at 1-800-423-tips.
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adrian: latebreaking tonight. investigators say the second shooting victim found outside of the florida mall has died. witnesses told deputies that 19-year-old central destin ran toward the jcpenney and collapsed at the entrance. another man, a 20 rolled was found shot in a car and pronounced dead minutes later. deputies have not named any setbacks, we do know that both men have broward county addresses. new tonight, a bad crash killed one answer numerous others to the hospital in volusia county. emergency crews blocked after a 17 at dawson road and de leon springs. earlier tonight after the crash. we know as many as three others were injured, so far, no information has been released about the person who died. investigators say they' re still looking into how it happened. turning to the weather. the rain finally starting to move out. we are joined by our burress. eric: look at the doppler radar. if you live in the western areas, you are doing ok. the rains have moved on.
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east that we are seeing plenty of that green stuff. looking at little closer, seminole county, orange county, the next wave of rain about to move into downtown. have your around apopka and back over to altamonte springs. even up to longwood and heathrow. watching showers continuing, though they' re beginning to break up from cocoa beach down to about melbourne. further to the north, into volusia county, we are watching this next, steadier batch of rain. the good news, this is not going to stay. looking ahead to send it. it is chilly and it is rainy. 51 in orlando. 49, broncos. 45, in ocala. 4:00 a.m., the rain should be just about done and then we begin to clear the skies. we will talk about that and have your county by county breakdown of your sunday forecast when i see you in a couple of minutes.
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believe that the response over two separate holdups. seen here inside of the circle k in orlando around 4:00 a.m., police say the suspect pulled out a pistol before he got money. police are looking into whether he robbed the kangaroo express near the 408 moments later. ucf is now the defendant of a lawsuit over the data breach. we first reported thursday that 60,000 students and staff may have their personal information exposed. could turn into a class-action lawsuit tonight. matt: we have obtained a lawsuit filed against the university of the data breach that affected tens of thousands. ucf officials announced records were accessed without names and social security numbers. of current and former employees, many of those students, athletes, and others affiliated with the school. dating back to the 1980'
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nearly 63,000 records are compromised, we spoke to one victim who is not going to be identified. >> hopefully everything will be ok. it is unsettling nine that your identity could be in the hands of someone else. >> social security records breach is the worst of its kind. second to medical record breaches which include a little more information. matt: lawyers representing two other victims have filed a class-action complaints against the school in federal court. on behalf of themselves and the others affected, they allege ucf phil to adequately protect their information. the lawsuit moves to request documentation of any other possible breaches and cyber training practices, security policies, budgets, and other information over the past five years. lawsuit criticizes the school' s handling of the breach and seeks damages to be determined by a jury trial.
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adrian: ucf is sending letters to the people affected. the university has launched a website in a call center for those impacted. we have information on our website a developing story. south korea says north korea launched a lawn ranged rocket. however, north korea says it is a peaceful satellite launch. s video of an object in the sky scene from south korea. critics say that it is meant to test and technology for a missile that could strike the u.s. mainland. south korean news agency reports the rocket blasted off, but failed. north korea says it was successful. north korea was one of the topics covered in tonight' s provincial debate. the candidates facing off in new s primary election. sally kidd is on the campaign trail and manchester. sally: donald trump is the here, some of the sharpest
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closest rival, marco rubio. >> is that one of the skills you get as a united states senator, esp, also? sally: marco rubio razan the polls and taking the heat. >> you have not been evolved in a consequential decision we had to be held accountable. >> your stay got hit by massive snowstorm to weeks ago. you do not even want to go back. sally: donald trump and jeb bush sparred over eminent domain. >> [indiscernible] sally: the candidates fielded questions on foreign policy announces security. and done with north korea' s latest mitchell lawns. >> if a printed strike is necessary, we should do it. sally: on immigration. >> pay a fine. a path to legalization. >> were gonna build a wall. sally: ben carson addresses dirty tricks by the ted cruz campaign.
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example of certain types of washington ethics. >> i apologize. i' m sorry. sally: donald trump accuses the rnc is that in the audience. >> donors, special interest, the people that are putting up the money. [booinh g] sally: rnc there' s -- adrian: democratic presence of canada bernie sanders is supposed to make a cameo during tonight saturday night live. larry david is the house. as we have seen the season, he has done impressions of bernie sanders. nbc has not confirmed the appearance although abc news is reporting it. saturday night live airs tonight after wesh 2 news at 11:00. we will provide you a team coverage of the next test in the race for the white house. i will also be in new hampshire for the primaries tuesday. look for complete commitment
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and the wesh 2 mobile app. before you go to bed tonight, make sure that your trash is put away and your yard is picked up. we will tell you about find some owners any local county my face, otherwise.
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adrian: new bear management rules are about to go into effect in seminole county. beginning tomorrow, trash will either have to be kept in bear-resistant cans or locked up inside until trash day. food left outside, like bird feed and pet food, should be kept out of the reach of bears. grills must be cleaned and fallen fruit from trees will have to be picked up. beginning tomorrow, warnings will be issued. they could eventually turn into citations where finds between $100-$20 will be issued. if you have symptoms of the flu right now, experts want you to get immediate medical attention. this comes as a case of zika virus is confirmed in osceola county. it brings the total number of cases in florida to 14. people in seven different counties have been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne virus. health officials say the newest patient recently traveled out of state. pregnant women are considered to be most at risk for the zika
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abnormally small heads. new video tonight capturing a frigid scare in wisconsin. several cars falling through the eyes at lake geneva. crews are working to pull the cars out of the water. officials say the cars are parked here at the frozen lake as an overflow lot for a nearby event because the regular parking was scarce. nobody was a the vehicles of the time and nobody was hurt. a warm-up, maybe. glad nobody is injured. that is crazy. t know anything about. 0% chance of you parking on ice crazy happening. outside of this hour, the only thing i see is the weather. and up north. nowhere near here. we just got rain around town. nearly three quarters of an inch of rain falling in downtown orlando. ocala, half an inch.
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shy of that for volusia county. an apopka. at this hour, a low cloud deck over downtown orlando. 51 degrees as our temperature. feels like 51, no wind chill out there. the winds will be picking up as we look ahead to send it. it will not be a day to do the beach thing unless you' re staying on. 45, bellevue. down to 43, dunnellon. fournier, cassia. in the metro, 50. 54, giuliana. 53, deltona. fournier, broncos. 59, melbourne beach. first alert doppler radar, as has been the case for the last few hours time, our western areas, sumter, and now marion county nice and dry. starting to scoot all of this stuff off eastward, but still up and down the i-4 corridor, we
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orlando has heavy rain right now, but this will be about the last of it. over the next couple of hours, they' ll move out. into volusia county, same thing. we will continue to add to those rainfall totals. to brevard county, starting to thin out around port st. john. that will be the case here by the same time you wake up in the morning. plenty of showers. 2:00 a.m. as the transitional points when we expect the rain to come to an end. it will be soggy roadways in the morning as you make your trip over to the beach or over to the attractions or to murdering services. 41, ocala. 42, the villages. 46, kissimmee. 44, flagler beach. 44, new smyrna beach. 50, cocoa beach. this is midnight, rain still in brevard county. 3:00 a.m., drive a cloudy. the models are now talking about
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really like, but they will sneak by by lunchtime tomorrow, we will dry out nicely. 56-59 degrees. that is a we have for you in the afternoon. average high, 73. live have now entered into this below-average patterns. staying chilly for monday. 66 the high. 58-59-tuesday and wednesday. staying below average, but no snow, that is the good news. adrian: ucf takes temple down to the wire and a heart stopping finish on campus. that takes as their next and sports. and trying to maintain momentum. the florida gators look for a 6th win in 7 games as they tangle with kentucky in lexington. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. pat: pretty good bet that kentucky was gonna be focused as it hosted florida this afternoon. wildcats not so long ago ranked number one in the coutnry, just 9-6 over their last 15 games, including a loss at tennessee this past week after blowing a 21 point lead. gators on the other hand had been hot winners of five of their last six, but the momentum they gained from that was stopped dead in its tracks today. in front of a natonal tv audience, the gators fell flat. kentucky leading 24-5 in the
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23 with 62% shooting. the cats looked great the gators looked awful. 18 point halftime deficit at the half. jamal murry had 20 in the first half a spectacular 35 for the game. florida did trim a 26 point lead to 14, but got no closer, losing 80-61. donnie jones and the knights at home to temple this afternoon quick turnaround after the win , at tulane on thursday. ucf trailing by a point late but aj davis to the hole and the layup and foul to put the knights up one with about three and a half to go. re tied at 58. knights down 2, but with the ball seconds left in the game, a.j. davis launches a 3 that caroms hard shaheed davis with the bound he throws a desperation shot, a.j. there for the bound and putback at the buzzer. initially ruled good and we would head to o.t., but a review clearly showed that a.j. still had ball in hand when the lights
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donnie and his men to swallow, 62-60 losers with cincinnati coming up tuesday night. >> there' s a confidence that will build office. it hurts. i know these guys are hurting the locker room. you can hear a pin drop. we will regroup, and we have to. good thing, we have a chance to play on tuesday. pat: some other scores. florida state wins at wake. stetson falls in overtime at home to jacksonville. on this super bowl eve, the panthers' cam newton named the nfl' s mvp. no surprise there, and another no-brainer, brett favre leading an elite pro football hall of fame class annouced saturday night. this was as obvious as beer commercials during the game on sunday. the great favre leading the packers to a super bowl title during his career, winning three straight mvp awards. tony dungy headed to the hall for his great coaching career. marvin harrison is in, as are eddie debartolo, orlando pace, kevin greene, kenny strabler and dick stanfel.
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awhile since the lpga actually had a golf tournament here in central florida. odd, given what a fertile golfing area this is and the fact that the lpga is headquartered in daytona. no longer a problem. the coates championship debuted at golden ocala last year back again this week. final round in the nasty elements this afternoon using leaf blowers to dry the greens. but the ladies weathering the rain. especially young ha na jang, who drilled this birdie at the 16th hole to get her back to 10 under par and give her a one-shot lead. and then with victory all but guaranteed at the final jang as one more for good measure. ha na jang wins for the first time on the lpga tour. and look at this video of the wild 16th hole at tpc scottsdale, shot by central florida resident dennis leavy, who with father charlie deeney of st. francis of assisi and others locals was among 201,000
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single day pga tour record. 535,000 strong after three lands. -- three rounds. danny has a three shot lead. final round here on wesh sunday afteernoon. good news for the seller bears on saturday, five goals from five different players, and a five-to win over the swamp rabbits. adrian: always got to have them in town. guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. oh... i'll come back. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50. better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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eric: rain is starting to push out. the rain is moving out. western areas looking good. i-4 still seen rain, given another couple of hours and it will be done and over with. 47 is the actual low temperature. we may see a little blip of moisture moving around 7:00, but the good news is that that will be done at the very latest by lunchtime. then it is up to 58 degrees, that is it. bright sunshine, again for your monday. and tuesday. really good weather pattern that we have ahead of us. enjoy it, today is the last decent rains for a while. adrian: thank you for joining us. you may be seeing double, next
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larry david and bernie sanders, have a great night. [captioning performed by the
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